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Our aim is your prosperity!

Global Business Group offers worldwide solutions and services to companies who intend to grow their business on international level.

Market’s globalization, economics and trade connections have specific requirements to companies which aim to grow their business. Main requirements supposed adequate, constant and actual information about investment opportunities abroad.
The process of internationalization consist on 2 factors: market-specific knowledge and the generalised knowledge from operating internationally. The country offers big opportunities for moving partially or entirely the production process in Bulgaria, establishment of new company, investment opportunities in real estates, other resources and know-how.
Investment beyond national borders requires contacts and collaboration between different cultures within various rules and laws.

Global Business Group has several clients, from different countries and sectors:

Textile industry

Construction and real estate

Food industry

Mechanic and metallurgy


Industrial Installations


Vegetable oils used for food and energy purposes



About Us

Global Business Group offers worldwide solutions and services to companies who intend to grow their business on international level.

We are a team of advisors with interdisciplinary education and relevant work experience on the international level. Each of us has a specific area of expertise, but we always work in team to offer integrated and efficient services.
We are focused on the customer satisfaction, trying to realize their requests and specific needs.

If necessary we use a network of trusted external experts.

Trust takes years to build

Our partners

Trust is built over the years. Our main goal is to satisfy all the customers. Therefore, when we are unable to assist them directly, we count on our serious and reliable partners, proven over the years.

At Global Business Group we know that to build a successful business or partners are of great importance. They are the people we trust.
In relation to this, every contact with the client is important for us. We think that is the key for success.


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To contact us use the contact form or details given below:

42, Knyaz Alexander I Batenberg Str., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Giuseppe De Francesco
Tel: +359 889 315 660

Stefan Todorov
Tel: +359 897 887 988

Silvia Topchieva
Tel: +359 893 668 122

Krasimira Demerdzhieva
Tel:+359 897 089 810

Pietro Luighi Ghia
Теl: +359 898 610 066

Marco Ghia
Теl: +39 349 341 7573


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