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Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and is located in the western part of the Upper Thracian Plain, between the two banks of the Maritsa River. It is located to the north of the Rhodope Mountains and to the south of the Balkan Mountains, being built at the foot of seven syenite hills, which is why it is named “The City under the Hopes”. It is the administrative center of Plovdiv District and the largest economic core of the South Central Region. Its population is 341,567 people (September 15, 2015).

In 2015. Plovdiv was elected European Capital of Culture for 2019.

The city is famous for its rich cultural heritage dating back to the Thracian times. The development of Plovdiv is connected with the age of Philip of Macedon, flourished during the rise of the Roman and Byzantine Empire, preserved to a certain extent in the Ottoman Empire and regained its rise during the Renaissance.

Plovdiv has preserved extremely valuable architectural monuments, the most impressive of which are the Roman Stadium, the Ancient Theater, the Odeon, the magnificent colorful mosaics, the Aqueduct, the fortress walls, the numerous remains of Thracian settlements.

Plovdiv is the administrative center of the Plovdiv region, which includes a total of 18 municipalities in its territory. The city is an important industrial, commercial, cultural, scientific and transport-communication center on the Balkans. He is known for his annual International Fair, whose specialized exhibitions turn it into a business center of business. It is located in a strategic location – it crosses important international road arteries (Trakia motorway), and in recent years Plovdiv airport has been established as an alternative to Sofia airport.

Annually, the economy of the region produces goods and services amounting to 4.2 billion euros.

Of these: EUR 2.1 billion in material production, EUR 500 million in construction and EUR 260 million in the transport and logistics sector. According to the data of the Plovdiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, over 24,000 companies work in the region. Unlike other regions of the country, Plovdiv has a well-balanced mix of the manufacturing and services sectors.

Economic information and investments

Compared to other regions in Bulgaria and Europe, the city shows a relatively high share of the processing industry, which is an example of its leading position at national level.

Plovdiv is developing as a major construction center, which produces 12% of the region’s added value. At the expense of other areas, the sector focuses on non-residential construction and, more precisely, industrial areas. Since ancient times, the city has a favorable location and connectivity, so Plovdiv region is becoming a leading transport and logistics center in the time. Transport and logistics companies generate 6% of the production in the regional economy. Transport and logistics companies account for 6% of production in the regional economy.

Plovdiv is a preferred tourist destination by both foreign and Bulgarian tourists for a wealth of ancient historical sites.

Local hotel business contributes 3% to annual output. In the sector, production in the region – 13% is generated by retail trade. Information technology and business services have been among the fastest growing sectors in the last few years. They provide new jobs for the young population and create permanent employment. The sector generates a turnover of 110 million euros and is one of the few to show steady growth after the 2008 crisis.

Business Process Outsourcing is another fast-growing niche of services that benefits directly from the availability of a young and well-educated workforce.

There are several universities in the city that prepare specialized and competitive workforce. Overall, our country is highly sought after worldwide and is ranked among the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe and the world, according to the Global Services Distribution Index compiled by the international consultancy company “ACKirni”.


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