Plovdiv – the area with greatest amount of attracted foreign investments

12 November 2015,

Plovdiv – the area with greatest amount of attracted foreign investments

For the fourth consecutive year the Institute for Market Economics (IME) presented in its depth study that indicators of Plovdiv are better than average for the country. Economic activity and employment in the area increased, but unemployment remains relatively high. The area is characterized by strong inflows of foreign capital, which has increased in the last year. Some municipalities in the region (eg Hisar) perform strongly in terms of absorption of European funds, but the regional center Plovdiv continues to lag. For the last year we have improved the transparency of local authorities, but the development of administrative service marks standstill.

The population of Plovdiv continues to decline despite positive mechanical growth in recent years. However, the share of graduates in the workforce, which is important for the development of the area. Hospital infrastructure in the area is among the best in the country. In the last year there was a decrease in crimes against the person and property. Indicators for the development of cultural activities in the region of Plovdiv show some positive trends, but also challenges.

Plovdiv is among the areas with the highest cumulative amount of FDI attracted. The inflow of foreign capital is among the most stable in recent years and is growing. Several industrial areas around the city of Plovdiv are a positive factor in this. Cost of acquisition of fixed assets in the field, however, reported a slight decline to 1.5 billion. Lev in 2013

Source: Institute for Market Economics

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