Industry Watch: Plovdiv is the second leading employment and industrial center in Bulgaria

14 October 2015,

Industry Watch: Plovdiv is the second leading employment and industrial center in Bulgaria

The turnover of companies in the region of Plovdiv for the year of 2014 is 32% higher compared to 2009. Companies generate production value of nearly 12 billion. 29% or 3.4 billion Lev, of which have added value. Employment in the region is stabilized over the last three years, as employed in the field represent 9.3% of all the employees in the country or 210 000 people. Plovdiv is after Sofia (31.6%) in this ranking, but before Varna (6.8% of employees) and Burgas (5.6%) according to the number of employed people in the country. Plovdiv region provides 66 000 jobs in manufacturing. Investments in the region are worth of 1.5 billion. Lev, but still have not returned to pre-crisis levels.

On the conference “Postbank business meeting”, which was held in Plovdiv, managers of the Bank and economists from consulting company – Industry Watch reported good economic development of the region and gave its forecast for 2016. The meeting was attended by local entrepreneurs, corporate clients and partners of the Postbank in the region.

Regions in Bulgaria with well-developed industry, well- managed can quickly overcome the negative effects of the recession that took hold almost all of the Europe. Industry in Bulgaria is most developed in the region of Plovdiv and the capital. Businesses in Plovdiv represents 13% of the employees, and in industrial firms in the capital are 12% of all employees in the manufacturing industry. All that points Plovdiv as a leading industrial center in the country. Plovdiv is a leader in the manufacture of beverages, basic metals, paper and articles of paper and paperboard production, chemical products and in manufacture of rubber and plastics. The city is the second destination for outsourcing in Bulgaria. Expectations and trends for the region to maintain or increase during 2016 are positive.

Source:Municipality of Plovdiv