British Experts to Conduct Underwater Archaeological Studies in Bulgaria

British specialists will study the Bulgarian Black Sea seabed for archaeological finds that could be included into a map of Bulgaria’s underwater cultural heritage, according to the Culture Ministry.

The study will last three years and will be funded under a charitable fund provided to the University of Southampton, whose Center for Maritime Archaeology will work together with the Bulgarian Center for Underwater Archaeology, which is subordinate to the Culture Ministry. The data will take one year to process, according to a media statement of Bulgaria’s Culture Ministry, as cited by The implementation of the project is fully compliant with the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. The preparation of the map of underwater archaeological discoveries is to help attract more tourists interested in such sites. The study will also contribute to improving the information on sea level changes and climate changes and how they affected prehistoric and historic communities in the Black Sea region.Two vessels will be used for the study, including one for shallow-water mapping and one for deep-water discoveries, in order to ensure maximum coverage of the aquatory. The data will be used for peer-reviewed publications by the team working on the project.

The publications are to reach Bulgarian, British, and other international scientific journals.